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Contigo Group Design & Build

We are an eco-friendly, home design, and build Company servicing the Northern Virginia area.

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Company Profile

We are a design and build company specializing in North Virginia home remodeling.

After 25-plus years in the residential building industry, Contigo Group understands the lasting value that remodeling a home can bring a household. We are committed to helping property owners turn the house they like into the home they love.  

Contigo Group there is no greater motive than creating transparent relationships between our clients and our team. Contigo Group was founded with the client's favorable morals and ethics that are reinforced by skill, experience, and education. Our company values our clients' investments, and we treat every Home project as our own.  We are committed to applying products and technics to protect our client's health and our planet, constantly stay ahead of the competition by training our team with new technology, attending conventions related to our field, and applying systems that have been proven to succeed. From initial contact to finished product, our team will guide you, educate you, and inform you in every stage of your Home transformation. Our vision is to maintain these morals and ethics throughout the growth and development of our team.

Meet Our Founder

Born in the predominant rainforest country of Costa Rica, Mauricio Coto has more than 25 years of experience in the home building and construction industry. After traveling back to his home country to spend several years learning about conservation efforts and environmentally friendly construction developments there, Mauricio returned to the US determined to apply those ideas to his craft—and to spread the word about sustainable building. 

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Contigo Group has the experience and know how to get things done. Through past work with companies such as NV Homes, Centex Homes, and Lennar Homes, among others, Mauricio and his team have mastered a range of policies, laws, and best practices in the construction industry. Prior projects of all scales have helped hone the Group’s ability to find unique or overlooked solutions to a variety of home building needs.

Your satisfaction is our main goal.

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One of the central tenets of our company is our commitment to best practices in sustainability, both in our actual construction work and in the finished projects themselves. For the former, this includes carefully managing choice of materials so as to minimize waste, including through recycling and reclaiming used materials. We do our best to make sure we send as little waste to landfills as possible.

But it’s not enough to simply focus on construction waste—the environmental impact over the course of the lifetime of your new bathroom, for example, also matters. Maybe you’re interested in implementing the latest water management technologies, or maybe you’d like to explore adding solar panels or other energy offsets to your house. We are committed to sustainability across all aspects of construction and are ready to help you explore environmentally friendly options that work with your lifestyle. We know our planet is worth it. Learn more about our ecofriendly practices here.

Lets talk!

Our biggest satisfaction is get to know you and help you build your dream house. We will love to have a phone call with you and hear about your project.

There has never been a better moment for a home remodelation.

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