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We are an environmentally friendly, design and build group. We believe, there’s nothing better than coming to your home finding a space that is tailor made​ for you.

Our Founder

Mauricio Coto has 30 years of experience in the home building industry. He was born in Costa Rica and came back in 2008 where he contacted some conservationis and environmentally friendly ideas for construction, maintenance and repair. 

When he came back, he decided to apply some of those ideas to his craft and help spread the word about sustainable building. This is one of the tenants of our company. From waste recovery to compost and material reclaim, we try to make sure almost none of our waste goes to the landfills. We know our planet is worth it! You can find out more about our eco practices in here (insert link to “How we work” section here)

Mauricio also has had experience working with different construction companies in the country, such as Ryan Homes, NV Homes, Centex Homes, and Lennar Homes. Working and learning with these companies has allowed Mauricio, and his team, to get in touch with the policies, practices and laws related to the business. This also has allowed us to find improvement points and give us a unique view in the way we treat our projects. 

Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Mauricio Coto

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Washington D.C. Metro Area


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