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Bathroom Remodeling
in Northern, VA

Create the dream bathroom for you and your loved ones.

Bathroom Styles

Unleash your bathroom remodeling dreams with our designer, crafting a stunning sanctuary that merges style and functionality, surpassing expectations with exquisite details and personalized perfection.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Bathroom Style

Old World Kitchen

Farmhouse Bathroom Typically Includes

  • Natural Materials (Wood & Stone)

  • Flooring (Tile)

  • Muted Color Palette (White, Cream, Beige, and Grey)

  • Clawfoot Tub

  • Antique Mirror

  • Pedestal Sink

  • Vintage Cabinets

  • Old Fashioned Light Fixtures

  • Vintage Accents

  • Accessories (Woven Baskets, Wooden Crates, and Metal Containers)

  • Plants & Greenery

Old World Bathroom Style

Modern Kitchen

 Old World Bathroom Typically Includes

  • Rich and Opulent Materials (Natural Stone, Marble, Wood, and Porcelain)

  • Stone or Tile Floors

  • Warm, Earthy Color Palette (Deep Red, Gold, Brown, and Cream)

  • Antique-Inspired Faucets 

  • Freestanding Tub

  • Ornate Mirrors

  • Ornate Sinks (Pedestal, Console, or Vessel Sinks)

  • Intricate Wooden Vanity

  • Soft Warm Lighting (Chrystal Chandelier)

  • Elaborate Moldings and Trim

  • Textured Fabrics (Silk and Velvette)

  • Decorative Items (Porcelain Vases, Marble Busts, and Antique Clocks)

Modern Bathroom Style

Modern Bathroom style typically includes

  • High Quality Materials (Porcelain, Stainless, Steel, and Tempered Glass)

  • Tile or Concrete Floors

  • Backsplashes

  • Faucets 

  • Programable Shower System

  • Steam Shower System

  • Fogless Mirrors

  • Wine cellar

  • Smart Lighting Systems (Adjust Brightness and Color)

  • Minimalist Design

  • Windows / Doors 

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