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How we work

How we do what we do

Every project follows our carefully crafted five-step process for creating stunning custom-made living spaces to fit your style and need.  From our first conversation to the placement of the final screw, your experience will be pleasant and hassle-free.

From Idea To Reality
Our 5 Star Process

Step 1
On a Video Call

Step 1. No Obligation

Discovery Call

We encourage new customers to engage in a 15-minute discovery session with our design and build specialist. We’ll ask questions about your expectations concerning your timeline, use of the space, and budget. Completing the form helps us help you better.


Ultimately, during this initial conversation, we want to find out whether we are the right match for your home living needs.


Note: Proper fit is important to us. Due to high demand, Contigo Group LLC  is unable to take on every request we receive. We carefully assess every inquiry and project. We will advise you during our discovery call whether our company can take on your project or may have to decline due to scope, budget, or location reasons.

Step 2

Step 2. 

On-Site Consultation


To get to know your property, we will conduct a site analysis and in-depth property assessment with our design and build specialist.  As we walk around, we will review your plans and begin the process of envisioning a design that will complement your home, define your personal aesthetic, and fit within your established budget.


Note: A payment due before On-Site Consultation

Step 3
Young Designer

Step 3.

Design Phase

We will start designing based on consultation information once the design contract is finalized and the first payment is made. Mauricio or a Contigo Group specialist will visit to meet and take important details and precise measurements of your home. We will also share inspirational photographs to help us create a true custom project that fits your style and needs.

The next step involves researching any permitting, zoning, and conservation issues to understand any limitations of your property and any required alterations to the design. Our design team will continue to work on creating the perfect plan for your home renovation!

You will receive a detailed presentation with scale drawings, pictures, and details of preselected material and assembly options.

Note: Our design retainers start at 5% of the total cost and go up depending on a project’s complexity and the details required. Most projects require
a set of drawings before final quotes can be provided.

Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 2.53.18 PM.jpg

Step 4.

Final Proposal 

We provide clear, upfront pricing for every project. Our final proposal will detail the scope of work and materials before we start the construction process.

Note: Final payment of the design agreement is normally made after approval of the final presentation.

We will also proceed to sign a contract for the construction, and a deposit is required. We move to order materials and define the next possible start day. 

Contigo Group Branding-21.jpg

Step 5.

Construction Begins!


Your deposit will secure your place on our schedule. We’ll keep you informed as construction gets underway. You can leisurely await your soon-to-be dream home renovation.

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Enjoy A Lifetime of Care

Contigo Group is here for you even after construction. Our lifetime client care guarantee includes:

  • Support and answer warranty concerns for years to come.

  • A monthly newsletter that details how to keep your home healthy.

  • Our YouTube channel of maintenance support videos to help you protect your investment.


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